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Zeus Sensor

A Western Guide To Eastern Astrology

Author: Taylor, Bret
Publisher: WMH109 Corporation
ISBN: 978-0-9936573-0-6

170 pages, full colour, trade paperback, printed in Canada. Available in hard copy and electronic format (Apple iBooks, Google Play Books, ePub and PDF)

This is a guidebook that introduces the practice of Eastern Astrology, and demonstrates how it can provide insight into people's lives in modern-day Western culture. I worked on this book with a team of people. My contributions to this project included working closely with the author, Bret, to put together and edit the manuscript, as well as working with the team of designers to produce the graphics appropriate for print, design the layout and page structure, source stock photography where necessary, and preflight the working file to ensure it was ready to be sent to the printers.

This project also allowed me to register for the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) with Library and Archives Canada, as well as submit the book for Catalogue In Publication (CIP) to prepare it for the international market.

This book is a companion publication to a smartphone app that I also worked on called Zeus Sensor, which is available for Apple iOS and Google Android.