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Oculus Rift at Vaughan Public Libraries

Shot on site at the Civic Centre Resource Library. Created a custom logo fly-in/fly-out, name overlay motion graphics, and sourced royalty-free audio track. Cut, edited, and rendered in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Video Production - Zeus Sensor video Series

A short video series that introduces Chinese astrology and metaphysics to Western practitioners, delving into some of the intricacies and theories within. My involvement in this project includes building on the concepts set forth by shareholders, drawing storyboards, acquiring video equipment within a set budget, prepare briefings to staff prior to filming, stage the set and setup the camera, audio and lighting components, directing and shooting the raw videos, sourcing stock video footage, performing post-production (editing, compositing, colour corrections, title overlays, audio and picture enhancements), encoding media files in proper HD format, and publishing for distribution on Youtube and other social media platforms.

Design Approach
The concept was to present the viewer with a look and feel that is similar to a science documentary. This was achieved by using an uplifting soundtrack and creative editing of footage I shot as well as sourced stock video. I created the closing animation sequence to deliver a picture involving magnetism, interrelationships, and oneness with the company logo.

[Trailer] Zeus Sensor video series

Join metaphysicist Bret Taylor as he explains Zeus Sensor, an Eastern Astrology system for Western practitioners.

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Zeus Sensor - Destiny & FAte

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Zeus Sensor - Cycles Of Energy

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Zeus Sensor - The Life Chart

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