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Web Design

Web Design




This client was in need of a website that was responsive, able to display optimally on devices of various screen sizes, including smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. I registered the web domain on the owner's behalf, created staff email accounts, and built the website to their specifications.


I designed the restaurant logo as per the owner's specifications. He wanted a combination of exotic Chinese with Western elegance. Finishing the logo also lead to me designing their business cards.

I also took some photos of the restaurant interior to be featured in the website. I re-touched the photos by adjusting the brightness & contrast levels, the colour hues and saturation. 

Other responsive websites I've built can be seen below.

Older Websites

Asian Toy Mountain

This website is archived.

This was a fun project for me because it really allowed me to get creative with my website design to connect with the target audience - in this case: children, families and communities. It was a challenge to build this website during an age when social media was at its peak, mobile devices were overtaking desktop computers, and new web design tools were still being developed. 

The coordinators of the Toy Mountain campaign over at CTV expressed their delight in my idea of using a lamp post with Christmas decorations to mark the level of success for the Asian Toy Mountain campaign. Each light bulb that lit up represented 500 toys donated to needy children across the GTA. It was a quick way for participants to visit the website and get a visual indication of the campaign success.

The 2012 ATM campaign attracted numerous participants across the city, including political figures such as Rathika Sitsabaiesan, MP and Olivia Chow, MP.

Below is a collection of older, archived websites that I've built.